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Pleated blinds are made from a pleated fabric which helps to add texture to a room. They are made from a continuous fabric which folds into itself when closed.

Pleated blinds are a neat and practical solution for providing shade and privacy. They can sit at the top or the bottom of the window, so you can allow light in from the top and maintain a high degree of privacy.

With a wide range of colours and patterns, pleated blinds offer a stylish and practical solution, being easy to use and maintain.

Pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories, as they offer a soft shading effect, filtering sunlight so the room doesn’t become too hot and uncomfortable. You can also ask for special solar finishes that block harmful UV rays.

As pleated blinds can be fitted directly onto the frame, they’re great for tilted windows and hard-to-reach skylights. 

Our pleated blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly, each product being bespoke yet extremely affordable. We can come to you at a time that suits you for a free design consultation and to measure your windows.

We can assess whether pleated blinds are the best fit for your windows. They are ideally suited to wider windows and doors but can also fit smaller apertures. We will go through options with you at your appointment.

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We can manufacture and ship blinds to anywhere in the UK or even the world, however, our measure and fit services comes within a defined geographical location including but not limited to:

If your area is not listed please contact us. We cover many more areas and may travel beyond the North West depending upon your requirements.

Choose from a wide range of materials and colours to suit every requirement.

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